Made of sugar cane, this eco-friendly material is produced thanks to an ecological harvest method set up by a Brazilian partner based in the Sao Paulo region. The « green plastic » results from the combination of Brazilian industries of sugar cane and ethanol, highly developed, that use millions of hectares of already cultivated fields.

Why it’s worth using the green polyethylene ?

Each tonne of green polythene produced holds back until 2,5 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere, thus contributing to reduce greenhouse gas emission and the global warming.

The essential criteria to consider to choose Green PE :

• This material benefits from the same characteristics as the polyethylene coming from the petroleum industry, which limits the risks of incompatibility between container and contents.

• This choice lowers the transport costs and the CO2 emission because of the low density of green polythene (reduction of the final weight of the product)

The first SEMCO« green products » are already available for the sampling. Since the beginning of 2013, 50% of its range of flasks and capsule pots has been developed in green polythene.

This eco-friendly approach comes from a real will to give to our clients, concerned by the environmental impact of the products they buy, the assurance that their « green packaging » is perfectly integrated in the recycling procedure.